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Pelkey discusses rapid growth among younger entrepreneurs with Buffalo News

The Buffalo News continues its series examining Western New York's start-up culture, and once again our Matthew Pelkey was sought for comment. 

In his Feb. 22 article, “Entrepreneurs are getting younger and even more willing to take risk,” reporter Mike Petro looks at how the increased number of support organizations, mentors and coaches, and availability of investment capital, has translated to a growing number of entrepreneurs – and a corresponding acceptance of risk.

Among the reasons is that entrepreneurship is being taught at younger ages, including college and even high school settings. Pelkey, who also serves as director of the University at Buffalo's Entrepreneurship Law Center, noted that five years ago the center worked with 10 to 15 clients per semester. Today, they have served more than 300!

The article contains many other encouraging trends throughout Buffalo's start-up scene, here.

“Where there used to be a cultural resistance to entrepreneurship, now there’s an acceptance of it and people understand it more and are more willing to take that risk,” said Pelkey, who works with startups as part of his practice with Colligan Law Firm. “And they’re excited about it.”