The US Congress is considering legislation that would finally offer consumers a comprehensive data privacy law. Although five states currently have their own comprehensive privacy laws (Connecticut, Colorado, California, Utah, and Virginia), a definitive national law for business and industry is needed. 

Dubbed the American Data Privacy and Protection Act, and currently in several draft iterations on Capitol Hill, it would provide consumers with a set of stated privacy rights and protections over their own data, how it is collected, and how it is used. The greatest need is in electronic commerce including on the internet. 

The bill would give consumers protections and rights dealing with how their data is used online, and would require that companies minimize the amount of data they collect on their users, and could also include a consumer right to sue over violations. 

Tim Cook CEO of Apple appeared before Congress and urged passage of the legislation. He followed up his appearance with a letter addressed to Congress, pledging Apple's strong support for consumer privacy legislation.