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Meet Margot Knab, Esq.

There is no one with more enthusiasm for the grass roots renaissance taking place in Buffalo, New York than Colligan Law LLC Attorney, Margot Knab.

“I am excited to be a part of the advancements we are experiencing in the region,” she says. Knab is an important member of a team of attorneys at Colligan Law LLC dedicated to business development, growth, and success.

“We have great relationships with our clients,” Knab says. “We are with them every step of their journey. I cheer right alongside them in their successes.”

Knab is one of the many professionals who attended graduate school out of state but returned to Western New York because of the terrific opportunities booming in the business communities here. She earned her undergraduate degree at UB, then attended the University of Connecticut Law School. She has always worked in business transactions and legal operations. Knab also has experience with intellectual property protection, particularly trademarks. She brings it all to Colligan Law LLC where she is an integral part of the corporate transactions team. Hands-on with founders, funding, and employment investigations, Knab is determined and whip smart.

“I was in-house at two very large corporations on the East Coast, in government contracting and global ethics and compliance. I have first-hand experience with implementing the many obligations required of companies. When I counsel our clients about their next steps, I am always thinking about the real-world implications for them.”

Knab’s approach to clients reflects her values. She is focused, organized, and committed to serving her clients. Knab says she aims for a straightforward and pragmatic path to achieve her clients’ goals. “I look for the most efficient means forward, Knab says, “and I always keep an eye on cost-effectiveness.”

Open communication with clients is key, she says, “We always make sure we are aligned on our objectives.”

Knab sees her role as one of both attorney and counselor at law. She says most entrepreneurs are very smart and have sophisticated bases of knowledge. But she recognizes that they may never have done these types of business transactions before and are often juggling the day-to-day challenges of leading a fast-growing business.

“We are here to protect and support our clients,” she says. In the often fast-paced arena of corporate work, fundraising, and transactions, for example, Knab says follow-through is key. “Founders need a team they can rely on.”

“Clients, referring attorneys, and financial professionals find Colligan Law LLC so appealing because the attorneys here have so much valuable experience,” Knab says.

Knab says the open and collaborative work environment is conducive to terrific working relationships. “Our leadership is second to none. The team here is supportive and communicative. That translates into the best possible product for our clients.”

Quick facts about Margot:

Favorite vacation spot: Lake Placid, New York

Favorite Western New York food: Buffalo chicken finger sub

Favorite spot in Western New York: Knox Farm

Favorite non-Western New York-based startups: Glossier, Outdoor Voices

“Founders need a team they can rely on.”