The Department of Veterans Affairs announces sweeping updates to the process it uses to determine whether service related illnesses are covered by Veterans Administration health care benefits and the disability benefits for veterans who served overseas since the 1990's and post 9/11 wars. 

The modernization of these steps could help thousands of veterans diagnosed with rare cancers and respiratory conditions that may have been a result of exposure to burn pits on base.

The first step to these benefits is to establish a service connection. Long delays in this process led to the creation of a presumptive list. The review announced for Veterans Day 2021, expected to take just 90 days, could several potential add burn pit exposure conditions to the presumptive list. 

In addition to improving the process for establishing a service connection and possibly adding to the presumptive list, these modernization efforts may extend the eligibility period for certain VA health care, establish a network of specialized providers and call center for related conditions, extend training for VA and non-VA providers around these illnesses, raise awareness of VA benefits related to military exposures in general, modernize the VA's databases on individual exposures, and focus specifically on building a new model to review evidence of service connection for rare respiratory cancers and constrictive bronchiolitis. 

If this new model works, it is slated to expand to other conditions as well.

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