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| 1 minute read

NY Unveils New COVID-19 Vaccination Administration Draft Plan

When a COVID-19 vaccination is ready for rollout, New York aims to be among the states ready to administer it. 

Easier said than done. 

Vaccinating 19.45 million people will take organization and a logical phased approach. The first comprehensive draft of the New York State COVID-19 vaccination plan was unveiled on October 18, 2020. 

The Draft New York COVID-19 Vaccination Plan offers two important organizational steps: it divides the population of New Yorkers into 6 different categories of vaccination priority from high to low; and it proposes 5 phases to the vaccination rollout. 

Vaccination priority takes into consideration high risk populations and essential workers, as well as recognizes that some geographical areas have been harder hit than others. 

The 5 Phase approach suggests vaccinating those in high risk work and health settings  before vaccinating those that are healthy and in lower risk categories.  

The plan also identifies its main missions and challenges. It states it will establish a Command Center to oversee education, training, infrastructure, registration, and deployment details. 

The most difficult aspects of the plan appear to be the continuing lack of a federal response or guidance, the lack of clarity on budgeting for this rollout, the concern over vaccine safety, and the importance that New York monitor, measure, and respond efficiently to all of the above. 

"This is a massive undertaking. This is a larger operational undertaking than anything we have done under COVID to date."