Every employer in New York State, regardless of size, is required to begin complying with the new Sick Leave Law beginning September 30, 2020.

This law requires that between 40 hours of unpaid leave and 56 hours of paid leave be provided annually to every employee, depending on the size and income of the employer.

Leave may be used for an employee’s or family member’s physical or mental health condition, and for victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and human trafficking.

Employers are required to begin accruing this leave on September 30, 2020, although leave may not be taken until January 1, 2021. Leave is accrued at a rate of one hour for every thirty hours worked.

This law requires that employees be returned to their prior position upon completing leave, and prohibits retaliation against employees who take leave.

This new law will likely require changes to existing sick leave policies.   You may contact Joe Saeli or Margot Knab  for assistance in complying with this new law.