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| 1 minute read

New Law Expands Rights of Mothers to Express Breast Milk

A New York law which took effect on June 19 significantly expands the rights of mothers to express breast milk while at work. This law applies to all private and public sector employers, regardless of their size, and includes employees who work onsite or remotely.     

This law provides mothers with up to 30 minutes of paid break time every day to express breast milk, for up to three years following childbirth. Employees may also use regular break time or mealtime if a longer break is needed.

The law details the requirements for the location to be provided to employees. It cannot be a restroom or toilet stall. It must be private, close to the employee’s work area, have running water nearby, a chair, and a small desk or table. If there is a window, it must have a curtain or other covering. The door should have a lock.

Employers must notify all employees about these rights when they are hired, annually thereafter, and when they return to work after childbirth.

Previous New York law and the Federal PUMP Act provided some protections to mothers who express breast milk, but his new law is more expansive.

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