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What are you waiting for? Apply to StartFast Venture Accelerator Today!

For the last few years I've had the pleasure of working with companies that have participated in StartFast. Each year I make a trip out to Le Moyne College to meet with teams and provide them with mentoring and guidance on starting and scaling their high-growth venture. 

New this year, StartFast will be increasing the initial preseed investment and changing the format of the program. Now companies will spend one week at Le Moyne at the beginning and end of the program and participate the rest of the time remotely. This is a great way to take a tremendous leap forward with your startup and can result in a great lead investor for your seed round afterwards. Highly recommended if you're a SaaS or B2B tech company! 

Click on the link below to apply!

StartFast is a different type of investment firm specifically looking for founders like you. We bring more to the equation than just capital. Our goal is to help you figure out where the gas pedal is on your business so that you can triple the company’s value by the time you raise your next funding round. StartFast is a pre-seed venture fund that makes 5 new investments each year with a primary focus on SaaS, ecommerce, marketplace, and IoT businesses.


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