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Can free transport deliver economic benefits to Kansas City?

In many U.S. cities there are few incentives to promote widespread use of buses, subways, trolleys and trains. Kansas City is hoping to provide that incentive by making its public transportation free. Some benefits of public transportation include:

  • Reduced air pollution
  • More efficient labor markets since it is easier for low-income people to get to jobs. This could benefit to employers who can hire people without cars and it is a benefit to the people without cars who now find it easier to get jobs. 
  • Reduced asthma and other illnesses linked to automobile pollution.
  • Less congestion on the highways and road.
KCATA (Kansas City Area Transportation Authority) and KCMO (Kansas City, Missouri) are focusing on the huge benefits of expanding public transit for the people who need it most. And, in doing so–by providing free ridership for all–they are guaranteeing profound economic and environmental benefits.


natural resource law, real estate, pollution reduction, civic law, technology