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Vaping - Health Epidemic or Overreaction to Black Market Products?

New York was the first state to put a ban in place on the sale of flavored vaping products. The Appellate Division Third Department in New York issued a temporary restraining order after shop owners filed suit. 

The vaping industry claims that the illnesses that are rising across the country are linked to black market products--not the legal nicotine vaping industry.

Nevertheless, states including New York are moving forward with attempts to ban flavored vaping products. A federal ban could also potentially be in the works. 

The question remains whether these bans will push people, especially young people, towards the black market products that are allegedly at the root of the illnesses. 

A more nuanced approach to the regulation of vaping products may be the solution, but due to public outcry, we could see more sweeping changes.

The CDC on Thursday updated national numbers showing the number of lung diseases connected to vaping has increased once again. There are now 2,051 cases in 49 states, including New York. At least 42 people have died.