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| 1 minute read

Judge Bryant Grants Order for Preliminary Injunction of CAURD

Crippling news for Conditional Adult Use Dispensaries ("CAURD") as it was announced today that Albany County Supreme Court found merit in Plaintiff Fiore's case and granted the motion for preliminary injunction.

What does this mean for CAURD?

1. If a CAURD license was not fully operational before August 7, 2023, with all approvals from both the State and Municipality to engage in retail operations they are commanded to stop.

2.  Office of Cannabis Management ("OCM") and Cannabis Control Board ("CCB") will not be allowed to further process, approve or investigate pending applications, INCLUDING provisional licenses.

3. OCM/CCB will need to submit a list of all CAURD that meet the requirements for licensing, so if you are a provisional, please be reaching out to OCM to make your case. They will be filing with the Court on or before August 24, 2023.

4. If a CAURD license was not placed on the list of exempted licensees before August 24th, OCM/CCB can still submit on a case-by-case basis.

5. If you are determined not exempt, you may have to apply in the general application window.

If you have any questions surrounding your CAURD license, please reach out to Colligan Law Firm.

Defendants are hereby enjoined from further processing, approving or investigating pending applications for CAURD licenses.


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