When my good friend and now client, Katie Hujer, approached me about her startup idea, I couldn’t have been happier. I knew Katie was an art teacher at heart, and that after staying home to raise her three kids for a few years, she was ready to get back to her passion. Rather than return to the classroom, though, she wanted to make art kits, complete with supplies and instructions, and ship them around the country. My colleagues at Colligan Law and I formed the business for Katie and helped guide her through the startup process. Katie’s art kits were a huge success—as confirmed by my five-year-old nephew, who loved getting art kits as gifts and repeatedly asks his mom, “Can I do an art kit today?”

After months of making and shipping art kits, Katie decided she wanted her own art studio, centered around kids and families. So it was time to look for a space. After finding a great location in a strip of women-owned businesses on Parkside Avenue—right across from the Buffalo Zoo—Katie asked me to negotiate her lease. As a result, Katie operates Making Waves Art Studio at 285 Parkside Avenue. This summer, she’ll be offering art camps for kids, birthday parties, and drop-in art making session for the whole family.

Colligan Law was honored to help Katie return to her passion and is thrilled, but not surprised, to see her early success.