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| 1 minute read

It's Almost Never Too Early

No one likes to talk about them.  This is not a topic that gets people excited.  In fact, it's more likely to make people nervous.  If I sign my will, I'll die shortly after, many think.  I'll take care of it down the road, when I really need one, they tell themselves.  

Actually, "they" should be "we," and "themselves" should be "ourselves."  You see, I'm an estate planning attorney, and I, too, fall into this category.  But my wife and I really need one now, if now were eight months ago, when we had our first child.  We're in the drafting process, don't get me wrong.  But it's long been time that we finished and signed our wills, so that we have guardians named, in the event anything happens to both of us.  And in a time like this--a seemingly unending pandemic with an ever-changing virus--we really should have living wills and health care proxies completed and ready to show a medical provider at a moment's notice. 

No matter your age, health condition, or financial situation, now is as important a time as any to take care of your estate plan.  It doesn't need to be sophisticated; there's nothing wrong with a simple will.   As the old adage goes, don't do as I do--do as I say.

If you die without a will, state statutes determine how to distribute your assets under the supervision of a court. The process will be slower and potentially more costly for your survivors.


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