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Your Feelings Really Are Important...

Successful CEOs are frequently characterized as emotionless, ruthless, success at all costs types of individuals.  Contrary to this stereotype, a surprising study has found that for entrepreneurial success is more closely tied to emotional intelligence than to IQ.   

It turns out that being able to cope with social situations and the emotional stress of a business start-up are critical skills for successful entrepreneurship.  As the leader of start-up, it is not a matter of if, but rather when a crisis will arise.  When it does, having a high level of emotional intelligence will allow you to face the crisis as a challenge to be overcome, rather than a disaster to be feared.  Being able to lead in the moment, and provide support to those around you, may be the difference between success and failure.  For you and your business...

The research found that those with a higher emotional intelligence are better able to be self-motivated and have higher social skills - even under more normal circumstances. "Emotional Intelligence is linked to social skills such as accurately perceiving other's needs, making good first impressions, and influencing others in interpersonal interactions. These skills are important for developing business networks, which can aid in signaling legitimacy and in acquiring resources," researchers wrote. "These skills can enhance creativity and opportunity recognition; aid decision making in emotionally turbulent situations and enable adaptive responses to unpredictable events."


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