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Will Construction Industry Build a Path to Reopening?

While many of of us have been working from home or not working at all, one sector of the local workforce that has continued to work, at least in part, is the construction industry.  While many construction job-sites have been shut down, others, deemed essential, have continued. 

Lessons learn from those contractors who have continued working, as well as plans developed by industry participants, put the construction industry on a good footing to reopen as soon as they are allowed to do so by the State and County.  In addition, the industry's familiarity with safety rules and regulations, give it unique know-how for dealing with new safety guidelines.  

“We have found both the subcontracting community and the workforce to be engaged, cooperating and really working hard to implement change to help protect everyone’s health,” said Steven A. Perrigo, vice president for Turner’s Buffalo office. The industry has developed a set of protocols, which have been submitted to the state and Erie County for review. The use of personal protective equipment like masks, safety glasses and gloves, as well as the use of hand sanitizer and other cleaners, is standard. So is wiping surfaces, and checking on worker and visitor health.


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