There is no pretending otherwise--COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is disrupting our workplaces, our businesses, and our communities. State of emergency, social distancing and quarantine are now part of our lexicon as we grapple with caring for ourselves and each other while working hard to "flatten the curve" of new infections so as to avoid overwhelming our healthcare system.

As much as this is a public health crisis, it is also an economic one. Markets are experiencing unprecedented volatility. Businesses are moving remote where they can, and mitigating risk to customers and employees. Small and large businesses alike are experiencing cash flow problems, worrying about making payroll, managing supply chain interruptions, and complying with a wave of executive orders. Inevitably this will result in existential challenges for entrepreneurs and for some, even necessitating the protection of bankruptcy. For others, challenge may present an opportunity for innovation and growth.

Since the founding of our firm we have proudly worn the tag line "advocates for business and community". And today is no different. We understand that trying times are when our clients need trusted advisors and attorneys. 

This is precisely why Colligan Law proactively took the initiative to ensure that in the event of pandemic we would have continuity for our clients and all of our team members. 

As of tomorrow, March 17, 2020, we will begin remote operations at Colligan Law to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients and the communities we serve while ensuring that our team remains healthy. Through an array of technology solutions we will also continue giving back to our community, volunteering for local nonprofits, and holding open office hours for entrepreneurs and startups. 

Rest assured we are here for you, whether business or community--simply email us or give us a call.