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Misuse of independent contractors: the gig economy is officially on notice

For anyone even remotely familiar with employment law this comes as no surprise.  In fact, most attorneys have probably been wondering why exactly this has taken this long.

Much of the gig economy is built upon the idea of creating marketplaces for consumers and a service provider.The misclassification of employees as independent contractors is pervasive and is ultimately a far more nuanced analysis than most people realize. Just because call someone an independent contractor does not in fact make them such.  Could this fine by New Jersey start a wave of similar actions in other states like New York?

If you're a business that relies on independent contractors for your business model--like most gig economy jobs--consider yourself on notice.

Uber Fined $649 Million for Saying Drivers Aren’t Employees The move by New Jersey could reverberate across the gig economy.


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