The development of Buffalo’s East Side has been talked about for years, but nothing has ever come of it. With the State’s investment, that idea finally may become reality. 

I'll be honest: the thought of the East Side as a sort of Canalside is a little hard to get behind. After all, the East Side lacks one big thing that Canalside has: the waterfront. It’s not quite as hard, though, to picture the East Side, or at least parts of it, as a smaller blossoming pocket of Buffalo—perhaps similar to Chandlerville. And that certainly would be a very positive outcome. 

But who knows? Maybe this really will be bigger. Buffalonians have been wrong before. Remember all those "the waterfront never will be developed" laments throughout the 90s and early 2000s? Wouldn’t it be great if the State’s initiative helped prove doubters wrong once more?  I'll be thrilled if the East Side can turn into a sort of Chandlerville.  Anything more would be gravy.