Meet Kevin O’Brien, Esq.

If law is like a chess match, Buffalo business litigation and conflict management attorney Kevin O’Brien, Special Counsel at Colligan Law, LLP, is an experienced master. O’Brien has two decades of trial experience in state and federal courts throughout New York State representing clients in front of many different legal opponents and law enforcement officials, with his sharp skill and diplomacy. It isn’t just that O’Brien is well-versed in evidentiary and litigation strategies. Many attorneys can learn the rules and procedures. O’Brien is proficient in knowing which moves to make and when, all while remaining cordial and relentlessly unflappable.

“I rarely pound the table,” O’Brien laughs, “it’s just not me.”

Instead of aiming for loud volume, O’Brien stays focused on outmaneuvering. He studies the whole chessboard, to smartly strategize early, and many moves ahead.

In addition to his doctoral degree in law earned at Brooklyn Law School, O’Brien holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Boston University, a distinct advantage in handling his commercial, real estate, and securities cases. “I understand their facts and figures,” O’Brien says, and he knows the marketplace pressures they have. Whether facing a government regulator or another company on behalf of his client, O’Brien understands the business interests at issue and how they may include the ability for his client to operate successfully long after the immediate case or controversy is resolved. This requires not only an ability to defend your client in court, but also the effective use of conflict management approaches, including arbitration and federally mandated mediation.

The definition of winning is different for every client, and O’Brien says he puts his client’s goals first. “The last thing a commercial client wants, or their business attorney wants for them, is to be talking to litigators,” O’Brien points out. “They may want me to make a motion to get the client out fast. But that’s not always the best option. When I explain better strategies for that client, approaches that can also be more cost effective, they see how it works and we go with it.”

Speaking of his decision to join Colligan Law, LLP, O’Brien says, “They are very dedicated to their long-term relationships with their clients. This is a philosophy we share. This is the biggest reason among many why it is such a good fit for me here.”

It helps that in state and federal courts and cases across New York State, O’Brien has earned a solid reputation as a formidable but tactful professional, negotiator, and advocate. His reputation enters the room before him and serves his clients well. “When I worked downstate, my mentor used to say, ‘Kevin, it is a round world. Everything is going to come back around.’ That advice has always stayed with me, and he was right.”

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