In a bellwether of COVID-19 safety in the workplace investigations, California's behemoth Amazon may be forced to release worker health records and proof of what they have done to protect their fellow employees. 

The incoming nominee to head the Department of Health and Human Services is former member of Congress, the current California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. He filed suit on Monday of this week against the e-commerce giant for what he says is a failure to comply with investigative subpoenas requesting information on "how many of its workers have contracted or died from COVID-19, and what efforts the company is taking to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, like implementing COVID-19 related sick leave policies and cleaning procedures."

The subpoenas began when the pandemic first hit. Despite reports of numerous warehouse employee complaints and concerns for their health on the job, and Amazon warehouse employees in other states including Washington and New Jersey, Amazon has thus far managed to withhold key documentation about the health of its warehouse workers at all 150 of its facilities in the state of California, and Amazon has received only minor slaps on the wrist for failure to adequately train staff in proper procedures and keep records of the training.  

Other states' attorneys general are reportedly eyeing this case and considering similar actions.